Impact Collective

Impact Collective is a WA first collaboration between NFP community service organisations to use our balance sheets to extend our social impact in the WA community.
Impact Collective was launched pre-Covid in 2019 as a not-for-profit led impact investment initiative for social enterprises. It was a first for WA with collaboration and investment to addressing social and sustainability challenges through impact investing into innovative enterprise models.

Chorus, Rise and Ruah Community Services are the founding members, aligning their investment capital with the purposes of their organisations, to work collaboratively with social entrepreneurs and change-makers who have business ideas to impact positively on WA communities.

In doing this, Impact Collective fills an important gap in financing for start-ups, and provides deep connection to social issues and sector / operational realities for social entrepreneurs in WA.

Impact Collective is working in partnership with Impact Seed, WA’s peak impact investment and social enterprise intermediary, to identify social entrepreneurs wishing to align their enterprise models with the impact areas of the collective, and support them towards impact investment readiness.

Our Process

This overview is for entrepreneurs, investors, not-for-profits, and change-makers who have partly or wholly developed ideas about growing social enterprise in Western Australia and are looking for further avenues of support. It maps out the process by which the Impact Collective seeks to mobilise its resources and support social enterprise development in WA. The process is divided into three phases:

  1. Attract: Seeking interested entrepreneurs and change-makers through an expressions of interest (EOI) process.
  2. Validate: Successful expressions work with Impact Seed to validate, strengthen and prepare their ideas for potential investment and/or support from the Impact Collective.
  3. Invest: The Impact Collective provides financial and investment and on-going support to chosen participants.


Enabling Partner

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